The Search Process

Our role in the search process is to help our clients identify and recruit only the best, brightest and most talented professional candidates who are an exact match for their specific needs. We begin by meeting with the client to define the process and develop a profile of the ideal candidate. It is imperative that we gain a thorough and comprehensive understanding and develop insight into the organization's philosophy, culture, mission, vision and internal relationships. Jointly, we will develop a needs analysis describing the position, qualifications, prior experience, history of accomplishments and personal attributes. Additionally, we will jointly develop a list of potential sources for candidates, develop a search strategy and identify potential target markets.

Targeting Potential Candidates

We recruit the old fashioned way. We network. We get on the telephone and confidentially approach those individuals whose experience, credentials and accomplishments would best match the needs of our client. We actively seek to uncover those individuals who are not actively pursuing new opportunities, are very good at what they do but might be interested in looking at the right opportunity should it be presented to them. Our objective is to identify and seek-out those individuals, tap them on the shoulder and present them with a unique opportunity; quite possibly the opportunity of a lifetime.

Interviewing Candidates

Potential candidates are interviewed and thoroughly screened for a match against the client's profile. If initial contact indicates a potential match and the candidate has expressed an interest in pursuing the opportunity, an interview will be arranged. The interview process is extremely thorough, probing all areas of the candidate's background, experiences and history of accomplishments. We will perform an in-depth check of both personal and professional references. We will thoroughly probe the candidate's past performance history paying close attention to the specific "must haves" identified in the client's needs analysis.

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